3 Major Blogging Myths You Must Ignore

Blogging is becoming really important as time goes on and almost everybody has a blog now. Some people are blogging to keep in touch with their friends from other parts of the world, some people are blogging as a hobby and others are blogging to make money online. There are over 100 million blogs in the blogosphere today and like with every other popular thing these myths are bound to be circulated. Some people will teach you some myths because they want you to buy from them, others will teach you their own myths because that is what they’re made to believe and irrespective of how valid these myths seems or how successful the fellow teaching you these myths is, it is advisable not to be deceived by them, because they don’t work. This article will be giving you 3 major blogging myths to ignore.

Make Money Online Fast

1. Blogging is a Great Way to Make Money Online Fast

This is one of the most popular blogging myths people are made to believe. Some people will tell you that blogging is a great way to make quick cash; others will tell you that blogging is the best way to make money online and some people will even go to the extent of telling you that you can start making money online from day 1 by blogging. Don’t be deceived by these myths because blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. Blogging isn’t solely for the purpose of making money online so you have to be careful with myths like these. Blogging is about choosing a topic, focusing on your audience, giving your audience your best, marketing your blog and optimizing your blog. There is no way you can do all these things and start making money from your blog in a matter of days, you have to understand this before you can make a cent online.

2. The More Traffic You Get, the More Money You Make

This is another major and ineffective blogging myth and another major thing the proponents of this theory believe is that displaying adverts is the only way to make money as a blogger.

Traffic doesn’t necessarily mean money because how effective your traffic is depends on your audience, the type of content you have, where the traffic comes from and your relationship with your readers. The value of your traffic isn’t just from the numbers but from the source and destination. Where did that traffic come from and where did it land on? What this means is that instead of focusing on getting more daily visitors why not focus on giving more quality content and getting more quality traffic from unique sources.

3. Ads are The Best Way to Make Money from a Blog

This myth alone can distinguish a successful blog from a failure. You’re making a very huge mistake if you believe selling ad spaces is the best way to make money from your blog because it isn’t. I have seen bloggers making as much as $20,000 online monthly from promoting affiliate products on their blogs, I’ve seen bloggers making as much as $10,000 online monthly by offering their services to their readers but I’ve hardly seen a blogger making that much money by selling ads on his/her blog. Instead of believing selling adverts on your blog is the best way to generate revenue from your blog why not look for and master other solid income generating techniques to get the best from your traffic. I know a blogger making as much as $2,000 monthly from his blog with less than 7,000 monthly visitors – this can never be possible with ads, so it is one of the most ineffective ways to generate income from your blog.

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