3 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Sure You Make Money Blogging

How do you make money blogging? Is it by building a high traffic website and the promoting affiliate products or launching your own products? This isn’t true, making money from your blog entails more than that. I have seen people make money with less traffic while people with much traffic find it difficult to make money; this post will be talking about 3 sure-fire ways to make money from your blog.

Make Money Blogging

  1. Build Your Credibility

This is the missing ingredient in the life of many bloggers. People won’t just spend their money on your recommendations but they have to believe you are recommending what is right to them, and since they don’t live with you the only way for them to believe you is if they already trust you.

There are many ways to gain the trust of your readers and I will list some below:

  • Give Quality Content Only.
  • Help Your Readers as Much as You Can (By answering their questions and replying their emails).
  • Recommend Only What You Trust to them.
  • Focus on Building a Great Brand for Your Blog.

While the above are not the only ways to build credibility, they are still great for you to get started with and the more you blog the more ways to build your credibility you will discover.

  1. Let Your Readers Know They Have a Problem Which Needs a Solution

The next step to take if you want to make money from your blog is to let your readers know they have a problem which needs a solution. Don’t let your readers just be reading your blog for fun or entertainment but focus on letting them know their problems. If you cater to the blogging audience you might want to let your readers know that getting traffic is their problem and you have a solution for that.

Many bloggers make a mistake of creating a product first without letting their readers know they have that problem, this wouldn’t help them much because their readers will think the product is of no use to them. If you could let your readers know what their problem is clearly, they will even be the one telling you to come up with a solution.

  1. Offer a Solution to Them

Once your readers know they have a problem that needs a solution, the next thing to do is to offer a solution to them. If you don’t offer a solution to them they might go elsewhere to get a solution to their problems.

There are many ways to offer a solution to your reader’s problem and some great ways are through affiliate marketing and product creation. If you don’t have a product and you are not ready to go through the hassles of creating a product you can recommend another person’s product to them – but make sure the product is of high quality.

Another great way to offer a solution to your reader’s problem is by freelancing if your readers are people who want the best for their eBooks and writing you might want to offer services like proofreading and cover design to them.


Making money online from your blog might be very easy but it is also important to know hat you can’t-do anything without traffic. There are many tutorials on the web on how to get traffic and you can read this and this – you might also want to get my free eBook on website traffic if you want a more comprehensive guide.

Also, it is important that you know that taking action is very important. Make effective use of the tips above by implementing it on your blog.

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