3 Untapped Ways To Drive Fast Traffic To Your Blog

Let’s face it, although SEO can be a very powerful method of driving traffic it does have its drawbacks.

First, it is slow and (at least in my experience) it is getting slower. It can take months to gain the necessary authority in Google’s eyes to achieve a decent level of search engine traffic. Secondly, by relying on SEO too heavily we run the risk of the “Big-G” pulling the carpet from underneath our feet with its continual algorithm updates.

So, in this post I’d like to share with you 3 non-SEO traffic methods which are extremely effective in driving fast traffic to your website or blog. I have called these “untapped” because although they are not new, very few people are really exploiting them to anywhere near their full potential.

3 Untapped Ways To Drive Fast Traffic To Your Blog

1. Write An “Up-And-Coming” Post

This very effective traffic strategy is where you write a post about (and link to) up-and-coming bloggers that are active in your niche. Not only does this provide valuable content for your own readers but crucially it gives a heads-up to each blogger that you link to. This is because when you link to another blog, WordPress automatically “pings” that site by using a what’s known as a Trackback. These Trackbacks serve to notify the other blog owner of your link.

There is a great chance that the blogger will want to inform their own readers that they have been mentioned as one of your up-and-coming bloggers and so will link back to you creating a lot of traffic to your own blog!

For this strategy to work it is best to avoid the absolute top bloggers in your niche and instead focus on the ones which aren’t quite as well known but still look like they are getting significantly more traffic than you. A great way of doing this is to check both the number of comments they receive on their posts and their Alexa rank.

If you have just started your blog and are currently seeing no are hardly any traffic then I recommend that you look for quality blogs in you niche which are getting at least 5 visitor comments in every post and an Alexa rank of below 500,000.

2. Interviewing An Expert

Not only do interviews provide superb value to your audience but they are a great way to leverage the “power of association” in order to drive traffic. By interviewing an expert (or at least somebody who is more influential than yourself) you automatically get associated with that person in the minds of your audience.

You can find an expert in your niche by using a site like Guru.com, searching in Google for other bloggers or perhaps even by contacting one of the people you linked to when you wrote your “up-and-coming” post as detailed above!

I’ve found with my own blog that interviews can be an extremely valuable traffic source especially when the interviewee publicizes it to their own readers. Keep the interview content based and always focus on value but also encourage your expert to promote their current products or projects towards the end of the interview. This creates a strong incentive for them to promote it.

The easiest way to carry out an interview is to use Skype and record the call using Pamela (for the PC) or Call Recorder (for the Mac).

3. Guest Posts

Now, you might think that guest posts are not an untapped traffic method. But can you honestly say that you have used them to their full extent? Not many website owners do.

A lot of us write articles and submit them to directories such as Ezine Articles, but if this very same article was published as a guest post on an influential blog or website then it is almost guaranteed that this would result in massively more traffic.

For me guest posting has been the number one traffic source in growing my blog and I’d recommend two simply ways of getting guest posts.

First, you can approach bloggers directly through the contact page on their site. If you do this keep the message short, to the point and be sure to compliment them on specific aspects of their blog that you like. Also, here’s another tip: It’s a great idea to spend a week or two submitting helpful and valuable comments to their blog before you contact them so they become aware of who you are.

Secondly, you can use Google for guest posting opportunities by searching for:

“write for us” <Keyword>

So for example, if your niche was healthy eating then your search would be:

“write for us” healthy eating

As with the “up-and-coming” post, be sure to check number of comments and the Alexa rank to make sure that the site has a decent audience that will see your guest post.

There are tons more ideas like this which are extremely effective in producing significant amounts of traffic relatively quickly. However, one of the mistakes I’ve made in the past is to spread myself too thinly across lots of them. For this reason I decided to limit this post to the 3 methods which I consider to have the most bang-for-buck.

So take action and get driving that traffic!

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