5 Common SEO Mistakes that Bloggers Do

SEO is very important for the success of any online business and for bloggers it is just like an oxygen gas, without it they won’t survive. I guess you are already quite much familiar with SEO, so instead of telling “What is SEO” let me tell you “What is not SEO”???

5 Common Mistakes did by Bloggers

Many Bloggers waste their time in doing unnecessary things. They put all of their efforts in the wrong direction. So let me tell you about those Mistakes regarding SEO.

Common SEO Mistakes

1) Preferring Quantity over Quality

Back Links are in fact quite important, but they are not the only thing to care about. Many Bloggers try to get as many backlinks as they can, they don’t even care about the quality of those Backlinks.

Your Backlinks should be of High Quality, 5 High-Quality links will do far better than 500 Low-Quality Links.

2) Ignoring Relevancy

The Backlinks should come from the blog that is related to your Blog. For Example, if your Blog is about freelancing then your Backlinks should also come from freelancing/Money Making blogs then this is a good SEO sign.

Many Bloggers don’t care about it which results in the decrement of their Page Rank by Google.

3) Stuffing Keywords

Many Bloggers try to cheat Google by stuffing their content with commonly searched Keywords.

For Example, they write the same keyword multiple times in a single link. Remember! Google cares about its users, so it will not tolerate low-value content that is just stuffed with Keywords.

Long and short, you should write for People, not for Search Engines.

4) Spamming Blogs

To get Backlinks, Bloggers usually go to fellow Blogs and spam their pages with comments. It does not increase your page rank as many blogs have the no-follow feature activated.

So you better don’t waste your time in doing that, instead, you can spend that time in writing Quality Articles.

5) Losing Hope

This is the most common mistake done by bloggers; they lose very soon which should never happen. Keep in mind that SEO will not give results overnight; it takes time maybe a couple of months to start showing results. So just keep struggling, sit tight and wait for the success of your Blog.

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