CPA – The Other White Meat

CPA = Cost Per Action, and it = big checks for me. The CPA model can be very profitable, and often easier to convert than affiliate marketing. The reason being is that a lot of the time, you only need the visitor to insert their name and email address and hit submit in order for you to get paid for the action.

After my first CPA conversion at $4 one day, I decided that it was wise to heavily promote cost per action links from MaxBounty using my niche sites. I could easily throw some high converting products on there, but why when I can just get people to do what they do every day; input their info and click on submit?

Marketing CPA is a whole different breed than affiliate marketing. You have to be ok with using pop-unders and announcing links on your social media pages. It simply works, and the visitors will not be offended because they want to read the information you put on your niche site.

Cost Per Action

The math behind CPA is better than Adsense

Consider the fact that you have a whole lot of work to do in order to get your Adsense niche sites at $3 a day. Now, what if you can get your CPA niche sites ranked, and drive traffic through EzineArticles and other sources? Instead of ugly adsense, you will be using banner ads inside of the content, and contextual links. While most visitors avoid Adsense ads like the plague, they like in-text links and banner ads that flash and say “click me!”. When they reach the lead page, they see a professionally designed page that was most likely created by PhDs in marketing, and they only have to put in their name and email address (sometimes more info), in order to see what’s on the other side of the page.

CPA takes on many forms

Unlike Adsense and most affiliate networks, CPA has various formats for their marketers. For instance, one campaign may allow social marketing and have contextual links as well as pop-under codes to copy/paste. They may have various banners designed with copy/paste code. Often with ClickBank, I find a great product to promote, but the vendor didn’t take it seriously and forgot to provide banner ads. Instantly, I change my mind on promoting them because I may have specifically been looking for banners to place on ad spots on my blog.

CPA marketing is hated on

Unfortunately, CPA doesn’t have the greatest rep with social networks, so they have blocked a lot of CPA network links. In addition, I found that the shortener service instantly blocked my max bounty links even though I didn’t use them in an unethical manner. I have gotten around these issues though by using ninja affiliate or pretty link on the CPA link, then shortening it with any shortening service and posting it on my social profiles.

You have to learn to be creative with marketing, and that is not limited to CPA. Every marketing method primarily used to make money will have its haters, and marketers have to be an evolving breed.
Choosing the right CPA

When you first get into CPA, you may be looking wide-eyed at the $30 actions. Do not let the amount fool you. It is a cost per action, and that action may be different than the usual “submit your info”. The larger amounts often require a purchase of some sort, just like affiliate marketing. It’s wise to aim for the $1-$5 offers because they mostly require submitting basic information up to the address and phone number of the visitor. A purchase defeats the purpose of the ease of cost per action marketing, and you might as well stick with affiliate marketing.

Is CPA right for you?

I discovered the power of cost per action marketing by accident. I was trying it out on one of my sites because it was popular, and it turned into an income. Ever since I have been obsessed with it and use it on a daily basis in my marketing efforts. You may have to determine if it is right for you another way though.

Consider this… If you are excited about the possibility of earning a couple bucks with one simple email submission, then CPA is probably something you would be interested in. If you have a large amount of traffic, CPA will probably add a large chunk of cash to your earnings.

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