Find Out How You Can Reap Millions In Internet Revenues [Part 2]

Previously at “Find out how you can reap millions in internet revenues – part 1”, I have touched about the big system to making real income on the internet. Eventually, there is neither “magic pill” nor secrets when it comes to reaping millions of dollars in internet revenues. In fact, the truth about such success can be boiled down into 3 simple steps. These are the same 3 steps any business, whether online or off must follow and they are time-tested fundamentals for ultimate business success. As such, there can be summarized accordingly as:

Find Out How You Can Reap Millions In Internet Revenues [Part 2]

Market –> Offer –> Traffic

The 3 steps have to be taken systematically and consistently. This means that you do not start worrying about generating traffic before you have even decided on your market or offer. Everything has to be performed accordingly and be consistent on a step-by-step basis.

The Big System Revealed

Big Simple Step #1 – Find a market

The first step in starting any business is to choose your target market. Who do you want to sell to? In order to be successful, you must find a proven market that has disposable income. The only way to choose a ‘bad’ market is by failing to do proper research before you begin. Market targeting should be a guessing game. You need to get your ‘hands’ dirty doing real research.

The process begins first with brainstorming.

Sit down and write out some of the obvious markets you can think of. Make sure you include your own interest and hobbies, as these are often potential market area as well.

For every broad, category you come up with, try to pare things down even further by zeroing in on a submarket. For example, maybe you’re interested in computers. To name a few submarkets: software, hardware, accessories, networking, email, the internet, gaming etc… Let’s say you are interested in software. What type of software? Who do you want to sell it to?

Once you are close to zero in on a market line like this, your next step is digging up even more information about the market through keyword research. What are some of the search phrases your market is entering into the search engines? Do these terms point to the types of products and services they are seeking?

Finally, you must find out what the market is already buying. Who are some of the major players in your market and what are they selling successfully? What are the major portals like and carrying? Are the products low end? Luxury? Is there a wide variety of price points in the market? This will give you a clearer indication not just of what the market wants, but what the market is willing to pay.

Big System Step #2 – Create an Offer

Your next step should be about creating a targeted offer for your market. Your previous research should give you a clear idea of not just what the market is already buying, but also what gaps you might be able to fill in the market.

To put it simply: if your market is already buying up ‘widgets’ like crazy, then offer them widgets. If your competitors are only offering ‘blue widgets’, then offer your market red ones. A similar product can be diversified appropriately in a relative manner.

There are two possible ways for you to create an offer for an internet-based market:

  1. Sell products to your market as an affiliate
  2. Create and sell your own products to that market

This stage is really about product selection/creation. Both of the mentioned method works and both are proven business models. However, I would recommend you to begin your business as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is much easier since you don’t have to first create your own product to begin making money. It’s also the perfect base for you to get your hands dirty and educate yourself.

You would next need a ‘tool’ for building up trust, credibility, and respect. You want to be able to make your offer to people who have “pre-qualified” themselves by joining your ‘list’- ie. They’ve already expressed an interest in what you’re offering.

Some of the ‘tool’ as mentioned is most often an email list that allows you to build the relationship with your market. You also need the ability to present your offer multiple times ( it usually takes several exposures to an offer before an individual makes a buying decision ), as well as create new offers for repeat business.

Big System Step #3 – Traffic Generating

Ongoing traffic generation is crucial to your business. You’ve got to keep your offer in front of the market, and continually draw in new customers.

However, remember that the traffic you ought to drive is targeted ones. This means bringing in real visitors, who have a real interest in your offer. Traffic generation is accomplished through a mix of both free and paid methods of advertising.

The bulk of your paid traffic will come from pay-per-click ( PPC ) campaigns that you run on search engines like Google. PPC advertising allows you to target actual market keywords and key phrases for your advertising, meaning it allows you to reach the actual people who are searching for an offer.

You may also pay for advertising by buying text links of banner ads on your websites, running classified ads in local newspaper or buying up virtual ‘real estate’ ( eg. Grabbing expired domain names which have existing search engine rankings on your target keywords)

Free methods of generating traffic are centered primarily on content.

This means usually using methods like:

  1. Writing and submitting articles to article directories
  2. Giving away free, viral report
  3. Maintaining a blog
  4. Getting your content linked to at ‘social bookmarking’ sites
  5. Ezine advertising
  6. Joint ventures with other list owners

However, these techniques are simply just at the tip of the iceberg. The important point is that they are all proven methods. Don’t waste your time and money on sites that promise “1 million visitors for $44”.

Traffic generation is not difficult. It can be learned like a school subject. If you learn and apply it, you will get traffic. You don’t have to use 100 different methods to drive traffic. It’s just a matter of using a few good methods. In fact, if you can become a master at just one traffic method you’re comfortable with, and you apply that consistently and conscientiously, you will start getting more traffic than you can handle.

 “Making money online is simple once you know the system. In fact, you can plug the big system into any business model”

Mastering the Big System: required skills and knowledge

Each of the steps in the big system requires a certain level of mastery. There are some skills and knowledge you may need to acquire before you begin. While it is impossible to list everything in detail, here is a quick reference chart for you which highlight the primary basic skill sets involved in each step.


  1. Ability to conduct keyword research
  2. Ability to determine market profitability
  3. Requires looking at hard data but also some intuition
  4. May require you to ‘survey’ the market


  1. Requires you to understand market needs
  2. Ability to hunt down quality affiliate products or create own products


  1. Requires at least a modest advertising budget.
  2. Understanding of how to set up Pay Per Click campaigns
  3. Understand search engine optimization
  4. Ability to write/create content

I hope you have enjoyed reading part 2 of “Find Out How You Can Reap Millions In Internet Revenues”. Look forward to the final part of this where I will share with you some of the values and skills you ought to have to be a truly successful internet marketer.

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