Guest Blogging – More Than Just Backlinks

If you’ve done a little research into marketing your website you’ve probably run across the term “link building” – and naturally one easy and fast way to do this it to guest post on blogs. And there limitless blogs around you are able to post on. However link building is not the end all be all of guest blogging. If it were anyone could just start limitless blogs on free hosting sites like WordPress and Blogspot, write a piece about how great your site or product is, copy, paste, repeat.

Fortunately for web surfers search engines are smarter than that. Could you imagine if every search you made gave you result based on who has contributed the most spam to the internet? People would stop using it. So here are the main points to keep in mind when guest blogging for backlinks:

1. It’s not just for a backlink! If that is your only goal you’re missing a great opportunity and wasting your time. Even more important than the number links, is who is linked. A link from a good site is worth way more than a hundred links from bad sites. In order to ensure you have a quality link, you need to ensure you are posting on a quality site. For a site to remain in good standing, it needs to offer quality content. You as a guest blogger are the content. Provide good content and it increases the worth of your link.

2. Create content people want to read. You aren’t really allowed to just sell your stuff on a quality site. Any site that lets you post a sales piece and call it a blog, or “article” probably isn’t worth much for links anyway. And who on earth really reads post after post of someone selling them something? Offer real information that people will actually use.

3. Assume people are reading your content. That is the goal, and if you are guest posting at the right kind of sites than you will have an audience. So take the time to say the right things the right way.

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