How to Increase your Website Ranking with Link Building

Right traffic for a website is like a staple diet!!

It is very important for all publishers to have a search engine friendly website to grab a great position on the search engines front. Search engines are the first way for the readers to reach your website and thereby provide business to you. Hence, it is essential that the search engine optimization strategy must be drafted in a manner that the website becomes a success. The most crucial part of this strategy is to choose the most suitable and linked keywords that can drive lots of targeted traffic to your website.

Link Building is one such way that not only helps the website owners and webmasters attract traffic but also helps to improve the website ranking on search engines. An improved ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing direct people who are searching for what you have to offer arrive at your doorstep rather than of your competitors. Links are advantageous because search engines view links along with other data, in order to access the value of a website while ranking it. Therefore, developing and creating links is beneficial for both new and set-up websites and to increase the standing with search engines, one should consider the following options of link building.

1. Submit Website On Search Engine Directory

Search Engines require some basic information about your website in order to direct the traffic to your webpage. This increases your stance of being found when people start looking for information that you are offering via your website. The information that needs to be submitted to the directory maintained by search engines includes your category, sub-categories, title, description, and at times keywords for specific pages along with the URLs. This information can be submitted by the website owner on its own or he can hire the services of link builders. Directory links are one of the best and easiest types of link a
webmaster can get.

2. Comments on other Blogs

Providing your viewpoint on the competitors’ blogs can turn to your advantage. If you comment on a blog that is discussing the same issue you have broached about and provide your link along with your opinion, it can help you get direct traffic along with creating a catch for a new reader.

3. Write Guest Posts

If you are a gifted writer, providing free content in exchange for a link back to your webpage can be effective in increasing your presence and traffic flow on your website from blogs and search engines. This can be beneficial in the long run because your post on a blog today might lead to future posts on other websites, thus increasing your popularity and giving you a chance to reach out to potential readers.

4. Association with Social Bookmarks

Getting associated with social bookmarking websites can boost your webpage ranking because these sites are highly ranked and posting your link on such websites can be beneficial. Also, such websites help the readers to select you from a much smaller pool of people, unlike the search engines. Meanwhile, you can tag in order to provide a better insight of what you are offering to the readers.

5. Links in Blogroll

Blogroll is basically a way to team up with other websites and blogs to get links. Most often than not, you must have noticed that many bloggers mention the links of other blogs in a small section popularly known as blogrolls. These are the links to websites and blogs that they like and it helps to build a relation where the other blogger might extend the same courtesy through his website. Everyone who is involved in the process is at a better off position after such collaboration.

6. Marketing your Articles

Article marketing can be effective way to boost your website traffic flow and its rankings for targeted keywords in search engines. Article marketing can get enough back links to your website, if the right content along with right keywords is provided. In such a case, your article is easily found by other webmasters who use article directories as their article source.

Therefore, if others use your article on their blog, it will indirectly increase your back links.

However it is essential that you use seo optimised anchor text because if some webmasters don’t want to acknowledge your work, you will still get backlinks from your article body and thus some free traffic and targeted back link for your website.

I hope the points that I mentioned above will help you create a strong link building strategy for your website and thus will help you improve your website visibility for targeted terms in all popular search engines. And if you think I missed some link building techniques that are really effective in today’s web world, please share in the comments section below so that other members in the community can also get benefit of it.

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