Keyword Selection: The Money is in the Keywords

Statistically a large percentage — up to 90% — of internet marketers and individuals who desire to make money online fail in their endeavors. The reasons for failure are vast but the one prominent variable that stands out is that many people choose a niche that does not offer any commercial value and they tend to target unprofitable keywords.

Keyword selection is a pertinent process to doing business online and if you get this part of the process wrong you will set yourself up for future failure. There are various categories of keywords to choose from, but today I want to focus on a certain sub-category of “money keywords”. As the name suggests – money keywords is where the money is at. And success is almost guaranteed when you target these specific types of keywords.

Money keywords are utilized by search engine users who are at the end of the buying process. These users have reached a stage in the buying process where they are virtually at the point of purchasing a product, and if you are able to generate this type of traffic you can expect your sales conversions to explode.

In this article I will discuss a specific type of money keyword and its derivatives:

Product Names:

Many buyers who are about to purchase a product will simply type in the name of the product into the search box of any search engine. These individuals possess a propensity to buy and they convert at an amazingly high rate.

Example: A potential buyer who is need of a laptop decides to go online and research the various laptops available. After considering the price and features of the vast array of laptops on the market the buyer finally settles on the “Samsung QX410” as it meets all his requirements and it is within a price range that fits his budget.

The potential buyer then goes offline and continues evaluating the product in his mind until he is convinced that the “Samsung QX410” is definitely the right laptop that will satisfy his need. Thereafter the buyer grabs his credit card and gets back online and types-in “Samsung QX410” in the search engine’s search box.

Now imagine that your site is positioned at the top of the search results for that keyword and perhaps you found an affiliate offer online for the Samsung QX410 that offers free shipping. Your SERP title may reflect the following: Get the Samsung QX410 with Free Shipping.

The resultant affect is that the buyer will visit your site, evaluate the offer, and then click on your affiliate link which will then direct him to the merchant’s site where he will then purchase the product. You are then credited for that sale and you will receive a commission from the sale. Of course, some buyers may not follow through with the purchase but a large percentage will pay immediately for the product.

Warning: Many marketers purchase domains that contain certain product names. They follow this route because there is an SEO value that helps the site rank better for the product keyword. DO NOT do this as you will be in violation of trademark laws and you could be sued for this practice by the company that produces the product.

Instead you should include the product name in your URL which will also provide SEO benefits and you will sidestep any potential legal infringements.

Acceptable URL:

Unacceptable Domain:

Product Name Keyword Derivatives:

Beside the exact product name keyword there are derivatives that are just as profitable and these are often expressed as the following:

Keyword Example: Samsung QX410 Review

A hungry buyer who is at the end of the purchasing cycle will usually search for a reason to justify making the purchase. Review sites are big money spinners because they provide the comfort and the reason a buyer is looking for when he is about to make a purchase. All it takes is an honest review for the product that highlights the product features to help sway the buyer into purchasing the product.

When targeting these types of keywords I ask that you do not post false reviews that hype the product up just so you can make a sale – this is an unethical practice. An unbiased, honest review does the job in closing the deal.

Keyword Example: Buy Samsung QX410, Purchase Samsung QX410 or Where to Buy Samsung QX410

These keywords reveal that a search engine user wants to purchase a product and is ready to part with his money.

Internet marketers have built empires just by targeting product name keywords. The attractiveness of this practice is that there are millions of different products on the market and if you pursue this route your chances of success as an online marketer are far greater.

There are various types of other keywords that can be categorized as money keywords, perhaps you may know of a few, if so, you are welcome to share your knowledge…

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