Steps on Getting AWS Certification in Bangalore

Amazon Web Services or AWS kept its popularity and had dominated the cloud computing campaign. When it comes to revenue and general reputation, the Google Cloud Platform and the Microsoft Azure are both ways behind Amazon’s offering. Netflix, Slack, Airbnb, and others that use AWS as their cloud provider.

More skilled AWS professionals are needed these days, but the supply is not enough. It is the reason why many IT professionals are doing everything to hasten the process of validating their credentials. But for those who thought they could get their AWS certification training in Bangalore for free will be disappointed. You need money to pay examination fees and to finance their professional training. Sad to say, there are various costs associated with getting a certification.

The AWS cloud computing platform includes different features and has generated a sort of IT storm. It is not surprising why IT training institute is offering this course.

AWS Training in Bangalore

What is Amazon Web Services?

This cloud computing platform provided by Amazon is complete in its truest sense. It helps businesses grow by providing them the application, database, deployment, storage, analytics, and computing services. The service is very in demand and is a subsidiary of So, be wise and enroll in an AWS training institute in Bangalore for a better future.

The Path on Preparing for the AWS Certified Exam

Attend an Amazon Web Services Training Class

This step helps you improve your technical abilities and gain knowledge about the essential routines for working with Amazon Web Services.

Digital Training

The digital training is free, and you can learn at your own time and speed. You can get access to on-demand digital courses, such as Big Data Technical Fundamentals, Job Roles in the Cloud, AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, and Security Fundamentals. You can also get to train about Machine Learning and Storage.

Classroom Training

The classroom training is done either in a class, or you can request a private onsite training. Classroom Training is not for free and handled by accredited AWS instructors with profound technical proficiency.

Check the Examination Guide and Trial Questions

Check the subjects included on the examination to obtain a copy of the topics you should study. You can view the guide on the Certified Cloud Practitioner. When studying, make sure not to skip the trial questions. It will help you in determining which subjects you need to focus.

Study the Amazon Web Services Whitepapers

Increase your technical knowledge with whitepapers created by the AWS partners, team, and independent analysts. It is best to concentrate on these vital whitepapers:

  • Architecting for the Cloud: AWS Best Practices
  • Overview of AWS
  • Compare AWS Support Plans
  • How AWS Pricing Works

Try the Practice Exam

By taking the practice exam, you will be able to evaluate your knowledge. The practice exam is a free test, and you can try this out multiple times. However, it is best to take the test when you are ready. The practice exam usually takes 1hour and 20 minutes and with 60 multiple choice questions. Some questions may have one or more correct answers.

Take the exam in the last week of your study to evaluate your preparedness. After taking the practice exam, you can study more on the weak areas, or if you think you are not yet ready, you can reschedule the exam.

Schedule Your Exam and Get Your Certification

Proceed to the testing center near you and schedule for your exam. You can take the following AWS exam:

  • Cloud Practitioner
  • DevOps Engineer – Professional
  • Solutions Architect – Associate
  • Advanced Networking – Specialty
  • Developer – Associate
  • Big Data – Specialty
  • SysOps Administrator – Associate
  • Solution Architect – Professional

The exam was recently updated to include new services and architectural best practices. You can choose whether to take the previous or the new exam. The original examination will be available for six months, and the new version will be released on August 12, 2018.

Even if you take the old exam, you will still get your certification. The validity of the existing exam certification is the same as the new exam – two years. Those who will pass either exam will get the same benefits and badge to display their accomplishment.

The AWS exam was updated because the old exam becomes outdated with time, advances, and platform changes. A new version of the examination is required to keep the certification applicable to job tasks. You don’t have to worry if you are more confident to take the old exam, you will still get your certification and badge if you pass it.

Final Words

The best way to have an AWS certification is to pass the exam. Your practical experience is the best preparation for certification exams. It is best to have at least one or more years of experience in using AWS before taking the exam. You can also get trained to help you prepare. Click Here

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