Use these 5 Simple Tools to Grow Your Online Business

A successful online entrepreneur knows which tools to use and how to use them. Growing an online business doesn’t need to take years if you select the proper tools in the beginning.

Each tool listed helps to expand your presence while establishing your authority. Most respected online entrepreneurs use these to find prospects, spread their message and make connections with their target market.

5 Simple Tools to Grow Your Online Business


Blogs are one-stop shopping for your prospects. Articles, podcasts, videos, and reviews can be uploaded to your blog. Readers can find out who you are and what you have to offer via a personalized blog.

Blogs offer a change-up to a static website. You can upload content on a more consistent basis with greater ease by blogging.

Blogs help to establish your authority. Most well-renowned online entrepreneurs run a well-read blog.

Twitter Account

Twitter is the Wild West of social networking. You can tweet out 140 character messages in rapid succession on the site.

Twitter offers an interactive medium for advertising and engagement. You can establish a strong online presence by building a large Twitter following.

Tweet content. Send out affiliate links or squeeze pages sparingly. Become a solution provider so prospects feel compelled to look you up.

Facebook Account

Facebook is a relationship building tool unparalleled. You can establish full transparency by constructing a detailed profile.

Each of your updates should be value-packed content. Toss in a few engaging questions concerning your business.

Create a Facebook Fan Page to bolster your brand. Increased “Like’s” means greater social proof.

Personal Development Program

Successful online entrepreneurs make personal development a priority. You can have all of the physical tools in the world but without the proper mental tools in place, you won’t move forward.

Hard work doesn’t bring fortunes. Persistent smart work does. To work intelligently you should engage in personal development at least 1 hour a day.

Invest in a personal development program. Use the exercises daily. When obstacles pop up it’s easy to return to old, limiting states of thought that sabotage your efforts. Using a self-help program consistently helps you to reprogram your mind to think like a successful person.

Skype Account

Skype is a free global phone and messaging service. You might have team members or clients all over the world. It makes sense to have Skype in your online arsenal.

Skype is a wonderful prospecting tool if used properly.

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