Volume Writing VS Creative Writing – and Panda

Turning up the volume in the Internet world is what every single blogger, affiliate marketer, and webmaster would like to try to accomplish. Not only that, but they would ideally like to accomplish the task while not having to make any sacrifices in terms of quality. This is not easy however as turning up the volume in terms of quality content production for your website isn’t as easy as – let’s say turning up the volume for your music!

And turning up the volume with content production isn’t always necessarily the best thing for your website. In the past, “more” meant better when it came to everything SEO – whether it be content creation, websites, or link building. But the best of content quality cannot survive with an inordinate amount of volume, it seems, as the more you turn up the volume, the lower the quality gets.

Side Note: It is possible to do white label content creation and link building at a reasonable scale, but it costs more than what many webmasters can afford, and for that reason it is very rare, and it is why the people that are at the top of the rankings for highly desired keyword phrases usually stay there.

The Proof is in the Pudding Panda

A recent study done by Wordtracker shows the many characteristics of websites that were hit hard by the infamous “Panda Slap”. In case you haven’t heard, the Google algorithm update took place on February 24th, and it literally dismantled vast amounts of websites overnight. Webmasters saw the amount of visitors they get on a daily basis drop drastically.

This is extremely relevant for the topic of “Volume Writing VS Creative Writing” as “volume writing websites” were exactly the types of websites Google was aiming at bringing down with this update – or as many are calling it – the “farmers update” as it was aimed at content mills.

There is a difference between a Penalty and an algorithm update, but Panda was a penalty by algorithm update.

Here are three important factors. You will find that creative writing is definitely the way to go as these three factors that the Panda update were based on directly relate to volume writing.

  • High Bounce Rate
  • Irrelevant Advertisement
  • Low amount of time spent on pages

Out of the many characteristics of websites affected by Panda, these three seem to be the ones that define volume writing the most. Many people that are searching in Google would come across websites that were doing well in the SERPs pre-Panda because of the amount of pages and links that the site had, but Google was unable to do anything about it because of their inability to mathematically define low quality content. These three factors allowed them to do that much better and websites that were manipulating Google’s algorithm suffered because of it.

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